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Winston-Salem Mediation & Arbitration Attorneys

Our attorneys serve as unbiased mediators, as well as advocates representing one party or the other. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. You negotiate in good faith, with the assistance of professionals familiar with the process.

Litigation in court takes longer than anyone wants. There are so many cases on the dockets that your day in court may not be soon. The state of North Carolina requires in most cases that parties attempt to come to agreement to resolve their case before they add to already-full dockets.

Litigation is also expensive. Not only are there court costs, but preparing for trial requires attorney time and research to build the best case possible. You never want to go to court — and lose!


Alternative dispute resolution can reduce both the cost and the length of time required. In addition, it is less formal and can be less stressful, especially in divorce. Best of all, you come out with a result that you have fashioned, rather than a judge who barely knows you or your situation.

In the vast majority of cases where our attorneys are involved, the parties settle and do not need to proceed with litigation.

Both John N. Taylor, Jr. and John C. Vermitsky are Superior Court Mediator Certified by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission.


Arbitration is another way to settle disputes out of court. An unbiased arbitrator or panel of arbitrators hears your case as a judge would, and makes a decision. Again, it is quicker and less costly than litigation in court. Come speak to one of our arbitration attorneys about your options.

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