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Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

North Carolina Crimes Against the Government Attorney

If you are under investigation or have been charged with a federal crime, the government may have built a case against you over many months. Federal authorities do not bring a case unless it is a significant matter. Despite the urgency of crafting a defense for you, courts may wish to try a case soon after indictment. It is very important that you contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately if you suspect you are under investigation.

Our Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Stop the Process

Morrow Porter Vermitsky & Taylor, PLLC practices actively in this area. Our firm can begin an intensive investigation immediately. Our goal will be to stop the process of investigation and prosecution. We object to subpoenas and seizure of records. We bring motions to suppress evidence that may have been collected unfairly, and motions to separate you from prosecution of others you may have had ties to. We negotiate in an attempt to avoid or reduce charges and potential penalties.

If you are charged with crimes against the government, such as tax evasion, you may face a prison sentence. Not only are you facing fines and imprisonment, but loss of respect from peers and the community. Our criminal lawyers are discreet and confidential and know how to minimize publicity. Whether you are charged with crimes against the government such as drug trafficking, immigration violations, identity theft, bank robbery or counterfeiting, our firm stands ready to defend your rights and liberty.

Morrow Porter Vermitsky & Taylor, PLLC is an established law firm that owes its success to devotion to clients, accessibility and communication. We listen to our clients and then clearly communicate their legal status and options. Our attorney is AV rated and Board certified in criminal law.

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