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For most people, familiarity with criminal law comes in fragments — scenes from Law and Order, CSI or other media sources or an introduction by way of a friend or relative. However, when we become personally involved in the criminal law system, real-life issues come into focus and the need for information and assistance can arise quickly. At Morrow Porter Vermitsky & Taylor, PLLC our Winston-Salem criminal law attorneys provide strategic, guidance, and effective action to protect our clients facing criminal charges.

Experienced, Criminal Defense Advocates

The outcome of any criminal case depends upon many factors, including the crime charged, the strength of the evidence, the legality of law enforcement and courtroom procedure and the goals and strategy of the government and defense. When all is said and done, there may be no legal consequence for a person charged with a crime, because the charges are dismissed or a jury trial results in acquittal.

We Handle Criminal Law Cases Involving:

Identifying the Right Course for You

Criminal charges do not go away with the ease of pressing a button on a television remote. Indeed, they can be very challenging, and put your reputation and even your liberty at risk. We’ll tell you honestly where you stand and how we can help. Once you see what the consequences could be, we’ll look at the possibilities and decide on the defense strategy that makes sense for your situation. Then we’ll carry out that strategy with strength and skill. Contact us to speak with one of our experienced criminal defense lawyers.